Romanesque vs Gothic Architecture


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  • tnx for the explanation it's easy for me now to tell the different between them in - tomorrow's exam -

  • Love it! This is a perfect explanation for an art history class!

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  • boooring


  • SUPERB.............


  • Wow awesome! Thank you so much! Thanks for helping me with my studying :D

  • thanks for sharing this video, very informative indeed!! keep it up.. :)

  • thanks dear, you saved me because i have to write a paper about this tomorrow, very educational !

  • thanks for this great educational video!!! :)

  • Ghothic rules!

  • thank dude, just help me with my studying.

  • @billbocate

    et tu brute?

  • U ROCK!

  • thank u soo much i didnt know what my teacher was talkin about!

  • I saw the Abbey of St. Remi at a final exam, and I panicked because it has both elements. In the same exam, I had the Tournai Cathedral. Was my teacher mean and sneaky or what? I wrote Gothic on both and prayed.

  • flying buttresses don't distinctively remain in gothic architecture, they also existed in byzantine architecture, 700 years earlier. e.g. san vitale ranvenna italy, though they are definitely smaller.

  • thanks a lot man you're great for taking your time to do this.

  • i love this, helped me a lot.

  • great video, thank you

  • very well done, thanks

  • Thanks for uploading this, you explain it so it's incredibly clear. Much easier to follow than my lecturer!!

  • hey you guys can read more about Gothic architecture here:


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